Episode 2: Happy in a Hybrid

We have been so excited since the first episode of the Group Chat Podcast aired. The support from our fans has us walking around with stunner shades on. Thanks for listening, Group Chat Nation!‬

On our second episode, Happy in a Hybrid, we tell stories about owning our happiness, living hybrid lives, surviving NYC subway hustlers and investing in minority-owned businesses. So, give it a listen and be bold – send in a question to be answered on our show.

Beyond The Podcast

What will you hear on this episode?

The Happiness Question
We ask “what stands between you and complete happiness?” Our answer: happiness is an inside job. As Shonda Rhimes suggested, we’re being do-ers not dreamers. Why procrastinate on happiness, right?

The Hybrid Culture Chat
With one brief acceptance speech, Classic Man Jidenna had us talking about living in multicultural spaces.

Subway Chronicles
The hustle is strong on the NYC subway. We share stories about the good, the bad and a possible cure for subway hustlers.

The #BuyBlack Call to Action
We’ll be shopping intentionally this holiday season and throughout the year. Hint: We’ll buy less stuff. And when we do buy, we’ll support minority-owned businesses like the ones mentioned below:

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Sound Credits:
Beats – Original Music by Jay Davis
Jazz – Crenshaw by Supa Lowery Bros.
Jidenna’s Acceptance Speech – BET.com

Image Credits:
NYCT Subway on Twitter


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