Episode 3: Khaled’s Words of Wisdom

Happy New Year, Group Chat Nation!

The Brazen Foursome had a saucy New Year’s Eve (see our Twitter story here) and we hope you did too. We also started early on our 2016 intentions by volunteering with Calvary’s Mission Food Pantry and bonding in a new way (see our Instagram pictures and videos here).

On episode 3 of the Group Chat Podcast, Khaled’s Words of Wisdom, we talk about moments of excellence from 2015, blackness and activism on campus, online dating adventures and 2016 resolutions that we actually want to keep. We hope you enjoy it.

Beyond The Podcast

Questions we answer during Episode 3…


One – Moments of Excellence in 2015
Have you listened to DJ Khaled’s snapchats? One of the #BrazenFoursome talks about how he inspired her #1 moment of excellence last year. What was yours?

Two – Blackness and Activism on Campus
Would you “burn your bra?” In high school or college, were you on the front lines of activism?

Three – Online Dating Adventures
What are the rules of online dating? Should a man/woman disclose before/on the first date that he/she has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 kids?

Four – New Year, Attainable Goals
What 2016 resolutions have you achieved already? And, which ones are you more likely to keep? We share some resources to help you attain your goals:

17 Resolutions You’ll Actually Want to Keep (Buzzfeed.com)

Create The Lifestyle You Want (CoolYoungHistory.com)
A young couple blogs about the indefinite honeymoon they embarked on two years ago.

7 Life Coaches Every Black Women Should Know (ForHarriet.com)

A Better You in 2016? Do These 6 Hard Things (Inc.com)

How to Get Smarter Everyday (Time.com)

5 Ways to Travel More Without Quitting Your Job (TravelNoire.com)

52 Places to go in 2016 – Readers’ Choice (NYTimes.com)

15 ways to catch up with friends that aren’t grabbing coffee or a cocktail (YesandYes.org)

If you’re in the mood for more, check out the first two episodes of the podcast.

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Sound Credits:
Beats – Original Music by Jay Davis
Jazz – Crenshaw by Supa Lowery Bros.
DJ Khaled’s Motivational Words of Wisdom – DimplezTV

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