“Everyone has at least one group chat that is gives them life! Our show is that, in podcast form.”
– Adenike, 1/4 of The Brazen Foursome

Tune in as The Brazen Foursome turn their saucy group texts into colorful group chats. Monthly podcasts cover current events, dating, pop culture, Black girl magic, hang nails, 50 shades of Kanye, NYC realness and an assortment of randomness.

Who are The Brazen Foursome?
We are four women who grew up in NYC. Some of us are transplants from across the globe and others are native to the sidewalks of NY. We are a tight knit group of girlfriends who stay in constant contact, sharing insights during the day and hilarious observations in the middle of the night, all via our group chats.

Be a part of the conversation as we add our perspectives to everything under the sun. Our group chats range from profound to absurd. Nothing is off limits; ok, maybe a few things are…

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