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Note: Episodes may contain explicit language and may not be suitable for minor audiences.

Episode List

Small Talk #2: Power of the Playlist
What do our song choices say about us? On the second Small Talk episode, The Brazen Foursome pick four songs that lift them up.

Episode 4: America’s Dad or Nah?
We ask deep questions about mentoring, get fired up about rape culture, pay tribute to Black history 24/7/365 and enjoy a good clapback.

Small Talk #1: A Dab of Culture
We’re thrilled to introduce Small Talk, a series of short, bite-sized episodes of the Group Chat Podcast.

Episode 3: Khaled’s Words of Wisdom
We talk about moments of excellence from 2015, blackness and activism on campus, online dating adventures and 2016 resolutions that we actually want to keep.

Episode 2: Happy in a Hybrid
This time, we talk about owning our happiness, living hybrid lives, surviving NYC subway hustlers and investing in minority-owned businesses.

Episode 1: That’s Not My Name
We talk about handy guides for saying our unique names, silently protesting certain hip hop songs at the club, friends like Taraji P. Henson and dope self-care routines.

The Group Chat Podcast is going up on a Tuesday! Tune in to the first episode on 11.24.15 and find out what juicy topics we’ll be talking about.